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Palio dei Ciuchi - Asciano

Second Sunday of September

One of the most important events in Asciano is the "Palio dei Ciuchi", a competition held on the second Sunday of September: donkeys representing each of the seven districts of the town (Corso, Prato, Tranquilla, Corona, Stazione, Piazza del Grano, Pergola) run around the old municipal stadium "G. Marconi".

Artichoke Festival - Chiusure


Flavors to taste, intoxicating scents and landscapes to be discovered for a month in the name of good food, with the typical products of the Crete Senesi area.

Crete Market - Asciano

Every second Sunday of the month

The "Crete Naturalia Market" is held from early morning until late evening in the heart of the historic center, an event that offers the opportunity to walk through the streets of one of the most evocative villages in the province of Siena and browse among many dozen stalls displaying handicrafts, antiques, collectibles, curiosities and above all typical products, such as the characteristic pecorino of Crete Senesi, truffles, Terre di Siena PDO Oil, honey, pasta, jams, truffles... up to fragrant aromatic herbs.

Giostra di Simone - Montisi

The Sunday closest to August 5th

Giostra takes place in a special field in the countryside and is highly scenic. Knights representing the town's four districts, Castello, Piazza, San Martino and Torre, compete with spears, galloping at full speed and then trying to hit the "buratto", an effigy of Simone carrying a target on his left arm and a ring called the "campanella" (bell) on the same shoulder, while his right hand holds the "flagello", a sort of whip with balls. A painted banner, called the "Panno" in Montisi, is assigned to the district whose rider, at the end of the four passes, has scored the highest number of points.

First pressing and more - Montisi

Late October - early November

A weekend dedicated to gastronomic culture, where you can taste the newly-pressed oil, produced in this part of the Crete Senesi area. In addition to new oil, tastings of other typical products of the area (white truffle and Orcia DOC wine) in the centers of the town's various districts and in the restaurants.

Sagra del Tordo - Montalcino

Last Sunday in October

The districts of Montalcino - Borghetto (white and red), Pianello (white and blue), Ruga (yellow and blue) and Travaglio (yellow and red) - take to the field to challenge each other in an archery competition that brightens the spirits of the whole town.

Honey Festival - Montalcino


Guided tastings, themed menus, cocktails with honey, rare and precious varieties, the secrets and virtues of honey.

Bravio delle Botti - Montepulciano

End of August

Ten days full of events, fireworks, historical processions and dinners in the districts with typical local products. The main event ends the festival: a barrel race.

Palio of Siena - Siena

2 July and 16 August

A historical competition directly from the medieval ages which is held twice a year and attracts thousands of tourists from all over the world: the uniqueness and drama make it the most important historical event in Italy.

Serremaggio - Serre di Rapolano

From the second to the third Sunday of May

The festival is dedicated to the story of Ciambragina, a girl of French origin who lived at the end of the 1300s. The girl was married to Giovanni de' Rossi, a wealthy Sienese merchant who took her with him to Serre di Rapolano. The Festival of Ciambragina is a medieval historical reenactment with a historical parade and other street performances. The most awaited gastronomic event is the Knights' Dinner in the ancient Granaione.

Sagra del Galletto - Camigniano

First Sunday of October

Feast with a folkloric, cultural and gastronomic character.

Cacio Fair - Pienza

End of August - early September

A week full of events for locals and tourists, attracted not only by the possibility of tasting the precious local cheese, but also by the interest piqued by the popular Gioco del Cacio al Fuso, where the six districts compete for the palio.